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Shootout lineup

Here is the lineup and rotation for the F&M Bank 3-Point Shootout, to be held during halftime of Friday’s games of the Calhoun County Tournament. The winner will take a half-court shot for $10,000 Saturday.
4 p.m. girls game
Antonio Kite, Anniston
Jayden Stone, Sacred Heart
DeMarien Stewart, Jacksonville
DeAndre McCain, Weaver
Evan Keller, Ohatchee
Beau Conley, Faith Christian
Kobe Messer, Jacksonville Christian
Khavion Wesley, Wellborn
5:30 p.m. boys game
Allasha Dudley, Anniston
Sarah Quinn, Jacksonville
Chandler Dorsett, Pleasant Valley
Sydney Prater, Piedmont
Akiera Robinson, Oxford
Halimah Binyamin, Saks
Emily Sills, Faith Christian
7 p.m. girls game
Mont McClendon, Oxford
Carl Myers, Piedmont
Simeon Shadrix, White Plains
Landon Comer, Alexandria
Zaejuan Johnson, Saks
Josh Ballew, Pleasant Valley
Seth Ford, Donoho
8:30 p.m. boys game
Abby Gaines, Weaver
Myiah Harris, Sacred Heart
Kayleigh Steen, Alexandria
Callyn Martin, White Plains
Itiania Weatherly, Wellborn
Sidney Hancock, Jacksonville Christian
Tori Vice, Ohatchee
Victoria O’Neill, Donoho
Simeon Shadrix took the half-court last year when he played for Oxford.

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