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Closing speed

Bowen, Etter use fantastic finish to forge first-round lead in Buddy Moore Classic; scores, pairings included

Fifteen-year-old Gage Miller (L) visits with Scott Moore in Buddy Moore’s old office at The Hill Saturday to learn more about Moore’s dad and beloved Anniston Municipal golf pro.

By East Alabama Sports Today

Caleb Bowen and Cory Etter put together a fantastic finish to shoot 14-under-par 56 and lead Andrew Brooks and Brennan Clay by one going into Sunday’s final round. Jeremy McGatha and Matt Rogers are another shot back at 58.

Bowen and Etter played their last six holes in 8-under-par with eagles on the par-5 Nos. 1 and 3. Combining the run with their first two holes in the morning shotgun start, they played holes 17 through 6 in 10-under. They played the front nine of the course in 9-under 26.

Specialty prizes for the day went to Bowen and Guy Bradley (long drives), Tony Tomlin and Bradley (longest putts), and Ted Heim and Andrew Brooks (closest to the pin).

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Buddy Flight

Caleb Bowen-Cory Etter 26-30—56
Andrew Brooks-Brennan Clay 28-29—57
Jeremy McGatha-Matt Rogers 30-28—58
Steve Akers-Billy Thompson 31-30—61
Daniel Clontz-Brett Key 30-31—61
Janson Wilborn-Gary Wilborn 30-31—61
Clay Calkins-Chris Hubbard 31-30—61
Andrew Tyson-Guy Bradley 30-31—61
George Salmon-Lee Waldron 32-31—63
Austin Minter-Adrian Geeting 31-32—63

Maryann Flight
Danny Whittaker-Gary Thomas 31-33—64
Chris Randall-James Randall 32-32—64
Jackson Bonner-Tony Tomlin 32-33—65
Chip Howell-Steve Davis 33-32—65
Byron Preston-Brian Simpson 33-32—65
T.J. McGatha-Kelly Rogers 33-33—66
Andy Soleman-Mike Shook 33-33—66
Andy Jenkins-Mark Gaines 32-34—66
Allen Mangham-Gage Miller 32-34—66
Michael Herndon-Tony Strickland 34-32—66

Scott Flight
Rick Dickson-John McKenzie 33-33—66
Ted Heim-Garrett Heim 32-35—67
Bruce Collins-Tim Steward 33-34—67
Jimmy Jackson-Gordon Stewart 33-34—67
David Fitzgerald-David Hill 36-32—68
Scott Moore-Will Prickett 35-33—68
Steve Mullendore-Will Mullendore 35-33—68
Derek Webb-John Roe 34-35—69
Nick Hubbard-Tony Hicks 35-34—69
Tom Mullins-Henry Higginbotham 35-35—70

Angie Flight
Donnie McGinnis-Ron Dulaney 34-36—70
Lynn Oswalt-Charles Carden 33-37—70
Ron Wheeler-Steve McClellan 34-36—70
Jay Jenkins-Matthew Wright 38-33—71
Tim Mullendore-Mike Braxton 34-37—71
Steve Rogers-Keith Gann 36-37—73
Grady Sapp-Tim Davis 35-39—74
Clay Bass-Patrick Madrid 37-40–77
Ken Renfroe-Konner Renfroe 37-41—78
Taylor Robertson-Jeremy Tidwell 42-41—83

Sunday’s pairings
8 a.m. shotgun

1B: Dickson-McKenzie, Heim-Heim
1A: Jackson-Stewart, Collins-Steward
2: Mullendore-Mullendore, Fitzgerald-Hill
3: Moore-Prickett, Webb-Roe
4: Hicks-Hubbard, Mullins-Higginbotham
5: McGinnis-Dulaney, Wheeler-McClellan
6: Oswalt-Carden, Mullendore-Braxton
7: Jenkins-Wright, Rogers-Gann
8: Sapp-Davis, Bass-Madrid
9: Renfroe-Renfroe, Robertson-Tidwell

1 p.m. shotgun
1B: Bowen-Etter, Brooks-Clay
1A: McGatha-Rogers, Akers-Thompson
2: Clonts-Key, Wilborn-Wilborn
3: Tyson-Bradley, Calkins-Hubbard
4: Minter-Geeting, Salmon-Waldron
5: Randall-Randall, Whitaker-Thomas
6: Howell-Davis, Bonner-Tomlin
7: Preston-Simpson, Jenkins-Gaines
8: Herndon-Strickland, Mangham-Miller
9: Soleman-Shook, McGatha-Rogers

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