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Woodstock 5K

Francis Waithaka Kamiri, Gladys Cheboi won their respective races in Saturday’s Woodstock 5K

Francis Waithaka breaks through the tape to win Saturday’s Woodstock 5K. (Photo by B.J. Franklin)

By East Alabama Sports Today

Francis Waithaka Kamiri certainly was a man on the run Saturday.

The 31-year-old Kenyan won the 32nd Woodstock 5K by 30 seconds, then drove to Pigeon Forge shortly after the race and won the Midnight 8K there.

He won the Woodstock in 15:13 and the Midnight 8K in 24:38.

It was the first time he’s run — and won — two races on the same day.

“Woodstock was my first time,” he said. “Since the race had no stiff competition I did it at a comfortable pace, to conserve energy for racing at Pigeon Forge.”

Gladys Cheboi, 28, won the women’s race in 17:32. She was the eighth overall finisher.

Waithaka and Cheboi both run out of Homewood.


Men’s Overall
Francis Waithaka, Homewood 15:13
Fred Kosgei, Birmingham 15:43
Ethan Strand, Birmingham 15:49
Martin Wennblom, Anniston 15:56
Josh Evans, Chelsea 17:08
Matthew Hill, Madison 17:10
Chris Mahaffey, Odenville 17:26
Luis Rodriguez, Anniston 17:42
Sam Larson, Anniston 18:12
William McCarty, Huntsville 18:36

Women’s Overall
Gladys Cheboi, Homewood 17:32
Purity Munene, Homewood 17:50
Elena Kidd, Homewood 17:57
Elizabeth Laseter, Birmingham 18:10
Hannah Coffin, Birmingham 18:26
Rachel Davis, Birmingham 18:29
Emily Ansick, Auburn 19:09
Emma Neigel, Canton, Ga. 19:58
Rachel Staples, Destin, Fla. 21:28
Eugenie Candon, Huntsville 21:38

Gladys Cheboi won the Woodstock 5K women’s title in 17:32. She was the eighth fastest finisher overall. (Photo by B.J. Franklin)

Runners break from the start at Saturday’s Woodstock 5K. For more photos visit www.bjfranklin.smugmug.com.

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