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Coles win Parent-Child

Champions play final 11 holes in 7-under, birdies final hole to win by one

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

Ty Cole doesn’t get to play golf with his dad Gary as much as he did when he was younger – and they used to play a lot – but he was hard-pressed this Fathers Day to remember when they had as good a time together in a round as this weekend.

The Coles birdied their final hole Sunday, the par-5 11th, to complete a 9-under-par 61 that won the ACC Parent-Child Tournament at Anniston Country Club by a stroke.

They shot 15-under 125 for the weekend. Chandler and Gary Wilborn finished second at 126, with Randy and Logan Archer third at 128. Matt and Isabella Rogers were low net at 101.

Ty is one of the dominant players on the Calhoun County Golf Tour and plays a heavy tournament schedule during the summer. His 72-year-old dad plays five days a week in Gadsden and never played Anniston CC before Ty signed them up for the tournament late in the week.

“It was cool to play with him again,” Ty said. “I don’t get to play with dad much. He plays during the week with all his guys from Goodyear and I only get to play on the weekend and in tournaments.

“It’s been years since I actually played in a round of golf with him. He doesn’t show a lot of emotion, good or bad, but I could tell he was tickled to win.”

Both father and son played big roles in the championship round. They were only 2-under through six holes, but Gary parred their first hole (No. 12) after Ty made bogey from the bunker to keep them from losing a stroke early and he delivered one of their birdies (No. 17).

Then Ty’s game kicked into gear. He played the front side in 5-under, then made a long birdie putt on 10 and closed it out with a kick-in birdie on 11.

He said the weekend ranked “right up there” among the best times he’s had playing with his dad.

“I’m sure there are some back years ago that aren’t right on the tip of my tongue, but this is right up there,” Ty said. “To be able to play with him and him play really well was special. For a 72-year-old dude to show up at Anniston Country Club and never seen it and shoot 78, 81 on his own ball, as tricky as those greens are, I was happy to see it.”


First flight
Ty Cole-Gary Cole 64-61—125
Chandler Wilborn-Gary Wilborn 61-65—126
Randy Archer-Logan Archer 61-67—128
Randy Reaves-Will Reaves 65-65—130
Gary Wigington-Bob Wigington 65-66—131
Gary Wigington-Peyton Wigington 66-66—132
Brennan Clay-Scott Clay 63-71—134
Jansen Wilborn-Gary Wilborn 60-74—134
Matt Rogers-Isabella Rogers 64-71—135
Kevin Daugherty-Landon Daugherty 68-67—135
Harrison Hughston-Mike Hughston 65-71—136
Alan Harrison-Reed Harrison 67-NC

Second flight
Jeremy McGatha-T.J. McGatha 71-63—134
Brian Woodfin-Santi Hechart 70-68—138
Don Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow 73-67—140
Greg Shultz-Ted Shultz 70-70—140
Kevin Wells-Tanner Wells 72-69—141
Scott Shultz-Ted Shultz 71-72—143
Cal Lambert-Joseph Lambert 76-71—147
Rusty Whitlow-Gantt Whitlow 74-73—147
Don Whitlow-Trey Sawyer 76-74—150
Jip Peoples-Jake Peoples 75-77—152

Third flight
Don Whitlow-Jonathan Whitlow 79-70—149
Randy Brown-Ryan Brown 77-73—150
Don Whitlow-Mike Whitlow 77-76—153
Don Whitlow-Gantt Whitlow 80-74—154
Jonathan Whitlow-Mike Whitlow 79-78—157
Perry Reynolds-Chris Reynolds 81-80—161
Kevin Wells-Tyler Wells 79-89—168
David Gattis-Abby Gattis 93-81—174
Stephen Downey-Jim Downey 91-85—176
Bryce Allen-Adam Allen 83-NC

M. Rogers-I. Rogers 45-56—101
C. Wilborn-G. Wilborn 52-58—110
G. Shultz-T. Shultz 57-58—115
J. Wilborn-G. Wilborn 50-65—115
R. Reaves-W. Reaves 57-59—116
T. Cole-G. Cole 58-59—117
K. Daugherty-L. Daugherty 62-57—119
D. Whitlow-R. Whitlow 64-57—121
K. Wells-T. Wells 60-61—121
R. Archer-L. Archer 59-63—122

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