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Gary, Jansen Wilborn shoot 10-under 60, lead ACC Parent-Child by 1; story posting soon

By East Alabama Sports Today

Gary and Jansen Wilborn shot 10-under-par 60 and grabbed a one-shot lead over two teams after the opening round of the ACC Parent-Child Tournament at Anniston Country Club Saturday.

Randy and Logan Archer shot 61 and are tied for second with Gary and Chandler Wilborn. Brennan and Scott Clay are two shots farther back.

Matt and Isabella Rogers lead the net division at 25-under 45. They lead by five over the tournament leaders.

The tournament concludes Sunday with a 10 a.m. shotgun start.

TORNADO RELIEF: The team of Jeremy McGatha, Landon Straub, Matt Rogers and Gary Wigington shot 18-under 54 and won Cane Creek’s JSU Tornado Relief Scramble Friday.

They won by a stroke over Ron McClellan, Dennis Reeves, Gary Austin and Doug Bragg.

The team of Doug Spoon, Larry Smith, Ed Kimbrough and Terry Gunter won the Second Flight with a 65. They won by two shots over Billy Grizzard, Wayne Tillman, Jimmie Thompson and Arlin Sheffield.

(Net score in parenthesis)
First flight

J. Wilborn-G. Wilborn 60 (50)
R. Archer-L. Archer 61 (59)
C. Wilborn-G. Wilborn 61 (52)
B. Clay-S. Clay 63 (62)
M. Rogers-I. Rogers 64 (45)
T. Cole-G. Cole 64 (58)
G. Wigington-B. Wigington 65 (62)
H. Hughston-M. Hughston 65 (59)
R. Reaves-W. Reaves 65 (57)
G. Wigington-P. Wigington 66 (66)
A. Harrison-R. Harrison 67 (59)
K. Daugherty-L. Daugherty 68 (62)

Second flight
G. Shultz-T. Shultz 70 (57)
B. Woodfin-S. Hechart 70 (65)
J. McGatha-T.J. McGatha 71 (68)
S. Shultz-T. Shultz 71 (62)
K. Wells-T. Wells 72 (60)
D. Whitlow-R. Whitlow 73 (64)
R. Whitlow-G. Whitlow 74 (65)
J. Peoples-J. Peoples 75 (65)
D. Whitlow-T. Sawyer 76 (64)
C. Lambert-J. Lambert 76 (66)

Third flight
R. Brown-R. Brown 77 (65)
D. Whitlow-M. Whitlow 77 (64)
D. Whitlow-J. Whitlow 79 (67)
J. Whitlow-M. Whitlow 79 (66)
K. Wells-T. Wells 79 (67)
D. Whitlow-G. Whitlow 80 (64)
P. Reynolds-C. Reynolds 81 (64)
B. Allen-A. Allen 83 (57)
S. Downey-J. Downey 91 (78)
D. Gattis-A. Gattis 93 (79)

M. Rogers-I. Rogers 45
J. Wilborn-G. Wilborn 50
C. Wilborn-G. Wilborn 52
G. Shultz-T. Shultz 57
B. Allen-A. Allen 57
R. Reaves-W. Reaves 57
T. Cole-G. Cole 58
R. Archer-L. Archer 59
H. Hughston-M. Hughston 59
A. Harrison-R. Harrison 59

Sunday’s pairings
10 a.m. Shotgun

Hole 1: Stephen Downey, Jim Downey, David Gattis, Abby Gattis
2: Bryce Allen, Adam Allen, Alan Harrison, Reed Harrison
3: Randy Brown, Ryan Brown, Perry Reynolds, Chris Reynolds
4: Jip Peoples, Jake Peoples, Cal Lambert, Joseph Lambert
5: Don Whitlow 2, Mike Whitlow, Jonathan Whitlow 2, Mike Whitlow, Don Whitlow 5, Gantt Whitlow
6: Kevin Wells, Tanner Wells, Kevin Wells 2, Tyler Wells, Rusty Whitlow 2, Gantt Whitlow 2
7: Don Whitlow 1, Rusty Whitlow, Don Whitlow 3, Trey Sawyer, Don Whitlow 4, Jonathan Whitlow
8: Greg Shultz, Ted Shultz, Scott Shultz, Ted Shultz, Jeremy McGatha, T.J. McGatha
9: Gary Wigington, Bob Wigington, Gary Wigington 2, Peyton Wigington, Randy Reaves, Will Reaves
10: Jansen Wilborn, Gary Wilborn, Chandler Wilborn, Gary Wilborn, Randy Archer, Logan Archer
11: Matt Rogers, Isabella Rogers, Harrison Hughston, Mike Hughston
12: Brennan Clay, Scott Clay, Ty Cole, Gary Cole
13: Kevin Daugherty, Landon Daugherty, Brian Woodfin, Santi Hechart

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