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Calhoun County boys pairings

Here are the opening-round pairings for the Calhoun County Boys Golf Championship that gets underway Friday morning

At Pine Hill CC
Friday’s first-round pairings

Hole 1: Jacob LeCroy (Donoho), Nathan Griffin (White Plains), Will Turley (Oxford), Ethan Johnson (PV)
2: Jack Svensen (Dohoho) Cameron McCareeth (White Plains), Jeremy Allen (Oxford), Davis (PV)
3a: Harrison Hughston (Donoho), Colman Hayes (White Plains), K. Borrelli (Oxford), Barthel (PV)
3b: Abernathy (Donoho), A. Miller (White Plains), Munroe (Oxford), Gaines (PV)
4: Ray (Donoho), Sotello (White Plains), Fillingim (Oxford), Brock McSheridan (PV)
5: Gabe Tonogan (Weaver), J. Davis (White Plains), Ferguson (Ohatchee), Harris (Oxford)
6: Roberts (Weaver), Hunter Wert (Oxford), B. Mcfall (Jacksonville), Alexander (Ohatchee)
7: Murphy (Weaver), Paris (Jacksonville), Hunter Watts (Alexandria), Houston Conger (White Plains)
8: Howie (Weaver), Burell (Jacksonville), Kilgore (Alexandria), Burrage (White Plains)
9: Burson (Weaver), Cain (Jacksonville), Bedwell (Piedmont), Epps (Wellborn)
10a: Kenny Okins (White Plains), Gable (Alexandria), Floyd (Piedmont), Waugh (Wellborn)
10b: Gage Miller (White Plains), Snow (Alexandria), Coheley (Piedmont), Cupp (Wellborn)
11: W. Jenkins (White Plains), Nichols (Alexandria), Lipscomb (Piedmont), Chandler (Wellborn)
12: Alvarez (White Plains), Silvy (Ohatchee), Stokes (White Plains), Smith (Wellborn)
13: Logan Lewis (White Plains), Noah (Ohatchee), T. Pearson (White Plains), Bolan (Weaver)
14: P. Bradley (White Plains), W. Bowden (Alexandria), Barnes (Ohatchee), Hill (Wellborn)
15: M. Gilbert (White Plains), McFry (Ohatchee), Norred (White Plains), Thacker (Ohatchee)
16: L. Smith (White Plains), Cupp (Saks), B. Knight (White Plains), John Hutto (Donoho)
17: Roberts (White Plains), Howard (Donoho), H. Eaton (White Plains), Marshall (PV)
18: C. Knight (White Plains), Stone (Ohatchee), Nelms (Alexandria)

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