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Oxford, Faith girls lead

Yellow Jackets lead boys, Faith girls hold slim lead in Calhoun County Tennis Tournament after Doubles Day

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

OXFORD — The Oxford boys seized a substantial lead, while Faith Christian’s girls hold a slight lead after Doubles Day in the Calhoun County Tennis Tournament Friday at Oxford Lake.

The Yellow Jackets won all three doubles titles on the boys side and scored 21 points in the round. Jacksonville is a distant second with nine points.

Faith Christian scored 18 points and lead Donoho by three. Oxford is third with 12. The three doubles titles went to three different teams.

Here are the team standings – Boys: Oxford 21, Jacksonville 9, Donoho 6, Pleasant Valley 3, Faith Christian 0. Girls: Faith Christian 18, Donoho 15, Oxford 12, Jacksonville 9, Pleasant Valley 0.

“I feel like I had really good draws on the boys side,” Oxford coach Jesse Martin said. “I really feel like it didn’t matter how we drew, I felt really good about the boys.

“My bottom two seeds for the boys, a lot of those guys have played No. 3 and No. 4 (singles); they’ve played higher in the lineup, so they were used to – how do I say this right — more better competition. The fact is I’ve got so many players who are really close in skill level that on any given time in the week they can beat each other and can move up.”

None of the Yellow Jackets’ doubles teams were seeded No. 1 in the blind draw brackets, but they beat two top seeds in their respective finals.

The Jackets’ second-seeded No. 1 team of Ben Reimer and Seth Turner beat fourth-seeded Jessie Wilson and Ben Patterson of Jacksonville, 11-9; their second-seeded No. 2 team of Chase White and Jake Hammond beat Donoho’s top-seeded Norwood Hodges and Gray Hanley, 10-2; and their third-seeded No. 3 team of Landon Macoy and Jeremiah Wyatt beat Jacksonville’s top-seeded Jackson Cunningham and Ammon Record, 10-4.

The No. 1 singles win was particularly rewarding since the two ninth-graders lost to Cunningham and Record earlier this season. It was the only point the Yellow Jackets lost in that match.

“I told them before the match we owe them one,” Martin said. “They really wanted to beat them and those two from Jacksonville are really good players.”

On the girls side, Oxford’s second-seeded Abbie White and Analeigh Adams dumped Faith’s top-seeded Abby Emerson and Zana Christjohn 10-3 to win at No. 1, Faith’s Regan Crosby and Janay Caver edged Donoho’s top-seeded Virginia Hutto and Hadley Smith 10-4 at No. 2; and Donoho’s top-seeded Claire Walker and Marella Hudson won at No. 3, defeating Katee Waugh and Molly Wilson, 10-4.

“I think it went really well; I’m proud of them for how they played,” Donoho coach Laurie Rigsby said. “It’s hard for us when you haven’t practiced all week, having intercession and players trying to get here quickly. When I got there, all the other teams’ players were out there warming up and my players weren’t there yet. It’s just hard going for whole weeks not picking up a racquet or getting to play.”

Singles play will be the order of business Saturday; action gets underway at 8:30 a.m. Based on some of the head-to-head matchups, a lot of team fortunes could be decided early in the day.

“Before we left I told them we’ve got a lot of points, more than anybody right now, but we can’t go into tomorrow thinking we already have it in the bag,” Martin said. “We have to push forward. We’ve got to come out and play strong.

“I think after that win the No. 1 doubles got over Jacksonville — a lot of our guys were there cheering for them and it fired them up — we have a lot of energy coming into tomorrow.”


Oxford 21, Jacksonville 9, Donoho 6, Pleasant Valley 3, Faith Christian 0
Girls: Faith Christian 18, Donoho 15, Oxford 12, Jacksonville 9, Pleasant Valley 0

Boys No. 1:
Jessie Wilson/Ben Patterson (J) d. Michael Kulick/Jac Myrick (F), 10-5; Wilson/Patterson (J) d. David Hudson/Cooper Montgomery (D), 11-10 (7-1); Ben Reimer/Seth Turner (O) d. Caleb Kirk/Dakota Herron (PV), 10-4; Finals – Reimer/Turner (O) d. Wilson/Patterson (J), 11-9.

Boys No. 2: Dawson Meadows/Trent Findley (PV) d. Chandler Armstrong/Dawson Camp (F), 10-2; Norwood Hodges/Gray Hanley (D) d. Meadows/Findley (PV), 10-3; Chase White/Jake Hammond (O) d. Braden Hodge/Brett Noah (J), 10-3; Finals – White/Hammond (O) d. Hodge/Hanley (D), 10-2.

Boys No. 3: Jackson Cunningham/Ammon Record (J) d. Reed Fulmer/Dakota Parr (PV), 10-0; Landon Macoy/Jeremiah Wyatt (O) d. Harrison Han/Wilson Russell (D), 10-5; Finals – Macoy/Wyatt (O) d. Cunningham/Record (J), 10-1.

Girls No. 1: Sarah Lumpkin/Rachel Williams (J) d. Karina Jones/Kristen Peck (PV), 10-4; Abby Emerson/Zana Christjohn (F) d. Lumpkin/Williams (J), 10-4; Abbie White/Analeigh Adams (O) d. Witney Brown/Emma Wiedmer (D), 10-7; Finals – White/Adams (O) d. Emerson/Christjohn (F), 10-3.

Girls No. 2: Kaelyn Albright/Abigail Pratt (O) d. Dailee Mickler/Destiny Conley (PV), 10-1; Virginia Hutto/Hadley Smith (D) d. Albright/Pratt (O), 10-4; Regan Crosby/Janay Caver (F) d. Natalie Patterson/Alex Billups (J), 10-3; Finals – Crosby/Caver (F) d. Hutton/Smith (D), 10-7.

Girls No. 3: Sarah Jessica Christjohn/Cornelia Simpson (F) d. Abigail Poore/KaLee Spears (O), 10-3; Claire Walker/Marella Hudson (D) d. Christjohn/Simpson (F), 10-4; Katee Waugh/Molly Wilson (J) d. Libby Hubbard/Macie Bryant (PV), 10-1; Finals – Walker/Hudson (D) d. Waugh/Wilson (J), 10-4.

No. 1

(4) Caleb Kirk, Pleasant Valley vs. (5) Michael Kulick, Faith Christian
(2) Cooper Montgomery, Donoho vs. (3) Jesse Wilson, Jacksonville
(1) Ben Reimer, Oxford vs. Kirk-Kulick winner
Montgomery-Wilson winner vs. Reimer-Kirk/Kulick winner

No. 2
(4) Jac Myrick, Faith Christian vs. (5) Ben Patterson, Jacksonville
(2) Dakota Herron, Pleasant Valley vs. (3) David Hudson, Donoho
(1) Chase White, Oxford vs. Myrick-Patterson winner
Herron-Hudson winner vs. White-Myrick/Patterson winner

No. 3
(4) Jake Hammond, Oxford vs. (5) Chandler Armstrong, Faith Christian
(2) Dawson Meadows, Pleasant Valley vs. (3) Jake Walker, Donoho
(1) Cole Gaddy, Jacksonville vs. Hammond-Armstrong winner
Meadows-Walker winner vs. Gaddy-Hammond/Armstrong winner

No. 4
(4) Brett Noah, Jacksonville vs. (5) Norwood Hodges, Donoho
(2) Trent Findley, Pleasant Valley vs. (3) Dawson Camp, Faith Christian
(1) Landon Macoy, Oxford vs. Noah-Hodges winner
Findley-Camp winner vs. Macoy-Noah/Hodges winner

No. 5
(1) Reed Fulmer, Pleasant Valley vs. (4) Jeremiah Wyatt, Oxford
(2) Ammon Record, Jacksonville vs. (3) Harrison Han, Donoho
Fulmer-Wyatt winner vs. Record-Han winner

No. 6
(1) Gray Hanley, Donoho vs. (4) Dakota Parr, Pleasant Valley
(2) Braden Hodge, Jacksonville vs. (3) Seth Turner, Oxford
Hanley-Parr winner vs. Hodge-Turner winner

No. 1

(4) Abby Emerson, Faith Christian vs. (5) Karina Jones, Pleasant Valley
(2) Sarah Lumpkin, Jacksonville vs. (3) Abbie White, Oxford
(1) Wittney Brown, Donoho vs. Emerson-Jones winner
Lumpkin-White winner vs. Brown-Emerson/Jones winner

No. 2
(4) Kristen Peck, Pleasant Valley vs. (5) Rachel Williams, Jacksonville
(2) Emma Wiedmer, Donoho vs. (3) Regan Crosby, Faith Christian
(1) Analeigh Adams, Oxford vs. Peck-Williams winner
Wiedmer-Crosby winner vs. Adams-Peck/Williams winner

No. 3
(4) Zana Christjohn, Faith Christian vs. (5) Dailee Mickler, Pleasant Valley
(2) Kaelyn Albright, Oxford vs. (3) Virginia Hutto, Donoho
(1) Katee Waugh, Jacksonville vs. Christjohn-Mickler winner
Albright-Hutto winner vs. Waugh-Christjohn/Mickler winner

No. 4
(4) Hadley Smith, Donoho vs. (5) Abigail Pratt, Oxford
(2) Destiny Conley, Pleasant Valley vs. (3) Alex Billups, Jacksonville
(1) Janay Caver, Faith Christian vs. Smith-Pratt winner
Conley-Billups winner vs. Caver-Smith/Pratt winner

No. 5
(4) Libby Hubbard, Pleasant Valley vs. (5) Abigail Poore, Oxford
(2) Natalie Patterson, Jacksonville vs. (3) Marella Hudson, Donoho
(1) Sarah Jane Christjohn, Faith Christian vs. Hubbard-Poore winner
Patterson-Hudson winner vs. Christjohn-Hubbard/Poore winner

No. 6
(4) Cornelia Simpson, Faith Christian vs. (5) Claire Walker, Donoho
(2) Caroline Rogers, Oxford vs. (3) Molly Wilson, Jacksonville
(1) Haley Hunt, Pleasant Valley vs. Simpson-Walker winner
Rogers-Wilson winner vs. Hunt-Simpson/Walker winner

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