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Montgomery chooses

Three-sport Wellborn star, a two-way standout in football, makes “solid” commitment to play college football at Samford

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

At various times during his high school career, Wellborn’s Jordan Montgomery was a football guy, then a basketball guy and then a football guy again.

Now that he’s made a decision on his college future, what’s it going to be? His voice still hinted at some debate, but there was no wavering about his commitment to play football at Samford.

“My favorite sport has always been and will be baseball,” the two-way football standout said Wednesday when confirming his commitment to East Alabama Sports Today. “Basketball and football are kind of a dream mixture.

“Between those two, I love to play basketball and I love the game of football. When I put on the jersey, put on the uniform, I go to war.”

Montgomery chose the Bulldogs over Jacksonville State. Kennesaw State talked with him and Appalachian State watched him practice once, but the two in-state FCS programs were his top choices.

He also had an interest in joining the Air Force, but put those plans on hold until after college.

Montgomery plays all three of his favorite sports at Wellborn, but he ultimately settled on football as his future for “what’s setting me up down the road.” He was a versatile threat on offense and an all-county defensive back, but the projections are on him being a “stone-faced DB” at Samford.

“I know it’s a slight chance I could play in the league … but this chance comes rarely,” he said. “You’re talking about a scholarship that’s worth $250,000, something like that; it’s a blessing, really.

“I prayed on it. I just feel comfortable with doing some thing I love and I’m going to play at something I think I’m good at. I really feel what sold me on football was probably talking to God.”

Montgomery made his commitment after visiting Samford this past weekend, but an otherwise “great” trip with a connection to the coaching staff wasn’t without some angst.

While he was on the trip, his Wellborn basketball team was playing a winnable 8/9 seed game with Piedmont in the opening round of the Calhoun County Tournament. There was some chance he could have gone back and forth, but the timetable in the 7:30 p.m. game at Jacksonville State would have cut it close to curfew and he “didn’t want to be rude” to his hosts.

He didn’t approach the Samford coaches about requesting a furlough, he said, because he wasn’t certain how to handle it. Piedmont won the game 79-64.

“I’m not going to lie, it was extremely heartbreaking,” he said. “When I was in the hotel Saturday night all I could think about was leaving my team behind. Most of the guys before I left were telling me it was all right, they’d be doing the best they could, but it was really heartbreaking.”

But there is more basketball to play this season and Montgomery is looking forward to helping his team make a run in its area tournament and beyond. And then there is baseball. He is truly a man for all seasons, but as of today his commitment is solid to football.


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