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PV sweeps again

PV girls claim fourth win of the season, boys get their third to sweep Arab Invitational; White Plains girls second

By East Alabama Sports Today

ARAB – Is it too early to start talking about going through the season undefeated?

The Pleasant Valley girls cross-country team made it 4-for-4 Saturday when they won the 1A-4A race at the Arab Invitational. The PV boys made it 3-of-4 when they won their race. White Plains finished second for the second week in a row in the girls race.

All five PV boys scorers and four of its five girls placed in the top 10 of their respective races on the slow, twisting route similar to a golf course with many parallel holes. The girls went 2-3-4-8 overall, with Trinity Roberts leading them across the line in 22:53.25. Matisse Miller (18:37) and Isaiah Rodriguez (19:36) led the boys across the line, third and fourth overall, respectively.

Even though there’s a preview race at the state championship course next week, the PV teams are taking the week off from competition to gear up for a big finish in their final five races of the season.

After their “reward” trip to the Disney High School Invitational in two weeks, the girls team isn’t expected to be pushed until the state meet. The same could be said for the boys, who are headed to the St. Clair County meet when the girls are in Orlando.

“The kids know how to push themselves hard; they know they’ve got a shot to get the reward,” PV coach Brad Hood said. “I think it’s a mental thing and it carries over into practice. When you practice hard like that you expect to get the reward.

“They know where they need to be, where the goals are and where to be peaked at the right time. We really shouldn’t be peaking right now at all. To be winning and not in shape yet is pretty good.”

In the boys race, PV placed its top eight runners among the top 13. White Plains finished fifth, Donoho sixth and Saks ninth.

“The boys … have a great shot at being second in the state,” Hood said. “They want to win it. I told them that runner-up trophy would be huge … to be bringing a red and a blue trophy back to the county, bringing back two in one trip.”

The White Plains girls put all their counters in the top 20 and finished six points ahead of third-place Brindlee Mountain, the projected runner-up. Alyssa Hudgins (24:23.67) and Chasity Nelson (24:31.46) were the first two White Plains’ girls across the line. They were ninth and tenth overall.

“It was one of our best,” White Plains coach John Moore said. “This is a stronger field than last week. Last week we took second to Ashville and I really think we can beat Ashville. What my girls have to get is the same mentality as the Pleasant Valley girls have: We can do this, we are champions, let’s show everybody what we are.

“Today, there were four PV girls in the top 10. We had two. The more my girls start believing in themselves, they’ll catch up and slowly close the gap.”

At Arab City Park

1A-4A Girls Race
Team scores:
Pleasant Valley 23, White Plains 67, Brindlee Mountain 73, DAR 97, Glencoe 104, Saks 179.

Individual Top 15
x-Julianne Hill, Madison Academy 22:04.70
Trinity Roberts, Pleasant Valley 22:53.25
Rachel Faucett, Pleasant Valley 23:18.95
Emma Hood, Pleasant Valley 23:38.51
Slone Butler, DAR 23:44.25
Kailyn Childress, Brindlee Mountain 24:05.99
x-Libby Davis, Donoho 24:18.02
Elizabeth Hall, Pleasant Valley 24:19.40
Alyssa Hudgins, White Plains 24:23.67
Chasity Nelson, White Plains 24:31.46
x-McKenzie Adams, Oneonta 24:34.79
Abby Vice, Glencoe 24:43.65
Chantzley Kirkland, Brindlee Mountain 24:47.13
Eva Bryant, Pleasant Valley 24:50.09
Haley Hughes, DAR 24:52.24
Others (county team leaders)
37. Katelin Dill, Saks 27:50.00
x-Not eligible for team scoring

1A-4A Boys Race
Team scores:
Pleasant Valley 30, Oneonta 81, Madison Academy 111, DAR 125, White Plains 128, Donoho 174, Brindlee Mountain 175, Skyline 183, Saks 184, Glencoe 258

Individual Top 15
Will Oglesby, Madison Academy 17:33.68
Riley Sloan, Oneonta 18:05.33
Matisse Miller, Pleasant Valley 18:37.11
Isaiah Rodriquez, Pleasant Valley 19:36.01
Kyle Saylor, DAR 19:43.87
x-Max Guida, New Hope 19:44.54
Jacob Gladen, Pleasant Valley 19:44.88
Quentin Heffley, Oneonta 19:45.22
Coleman Haynes, Pleasant Valley 19:54.97
Daniel Gladen, Pleasant Valley 20:10.64
Dekota Roberts, Pleasant Valley 20:22.65
Caleb Kirk, Pleasant Valley 20:23.03
x-Skyler McLeod, Pleasant Valley 20:24.11
Chase Crandall, White Plains 20:30.09
Troy Saint, Skyline 20:33.78
Others (county team leaders)
17. Rayburn Price, Saks 20:37.13
18. Bradey Goodson, Donoho 20:44.46
x-Not eligible for team scoring

Cold Springs Kudzu Invitational

COLD SPRINGS – Jacksonville’s Rebecca Hearn was the top Calhoun County finisher in the Cold Springs Kudzu Invitational, finishing sixth overall in the girls 4A-7A race.

Hearn finished in 20:17.06, leading the Lady Golden Eagles to a ninth-place team finish. Jacksonville’s boys finished 11th in their race.

The Ohatchee girls finished sixth and its boys finished ninth in the 1A-3A races.

Jayda Fair led the Lady Indians with a 19th-place finish (22:20.67); their next four scorers finished in a pack between 28th and 36th, 46 seconds apart. Gabe Hammonds was Ohatchee’s fastest boys finisher, coming in 11th overall (17:36.86).

Jack Sills (19:37.95) finished in the top 40 as Faith Christian’s boys finished 14th.

At Cold Springs HS

1A-3A Girls Race
Team scores:
St. Bernard 47, Cold Springs 88, Hatton 111, Altamont 113, Pisgah 124, Ohatchee 135, Holy Spirit 142, JB Pennington 147, Elkmont 221.

Individual Top 5
Leahrose Mami, St. Bernard 20:00.05
Ivy Edge, St. Bernard 20:02.80
Mary Allen Murray, Altamont 20:04.33
Ally Amerson, Hatton 20;36.21
x-Mary Reid Goodwin, Westbrook Christian 20:38.47
Others (county team leaders)
19. Jayda Fair, Ohatchee 22:20.67

1A-3A Boys Race
Team scores:
Cold Springs 46, St. Bernard 57, Holy Spirit 125, Pisgah 146, Hatton 164, Elkmont 192, Altamont 192, Lauderdale County 197, Ohatchee 222, JB Pennington 258, Holly Pond 277, Shades Mountain Christian 329, Westbrook Christian 329, Faith Christian 389, Falkville 408, Decatur Heritage 433, Berry 462.

Individual Top 5
Casey Guthery, St. Bernard 16:21.74
C.J. Lang, Cold Springs 16:27.26
Jared Stanley, Cold Springs 16:40.72
Andrew Sweeney, St. Bernard 16:44.92
Chase Prater, Elkmont 16:53.29
Others (county team leaders)
11. Gabe Hammonds, Ohatchee 17:36.86
38. Jack Sills, Faith Christian 19:37.95

4A-7A Girls Race
Team scores:
Lawrence County 58, Florence 75, West Limestone 82, Deshler 190, Rogers 197, Fairview 208, Haleyville 208, Boaz 221, Jacksonville 244, Sipsey Valley 253, Moody 254, Gadsden City 271, Decatur 278, Athens 294, Bibb County 358.

Individual Top 5
Winter Cassidy, West Limestone 19:05.08
Jodi Ann Martin, Walker 19:38.91
Mary Claire Ridgeway, Florence 19:42.98
Kara Nix, Muscle Shoals 19:44.85
Alex Steltenpohl, Florence 20:03.28
Others (county team leaders)
6. Rebecca Hearn, Jacksonville 20:17.06

4A-7A Boys Race
Team scores: Florence 56, Lawrence County 71, Haleyville 82, Rogers 121, Sipsey Valley 227, Moody 229, Boaz 245, Athens 256, Fairview 258, West Limestone 280, Jacksonville 301, Decatur 323, Gadsden City 332, Walker 332, St. Clair County 371, Deshler 398, Muscle Shoals 421, Bibb County 428, Hamilton 450, Ardmore 498.

Individual Top 5
Tyler Crowden, Lawrence County 16:54.65
JaQuan Caine, Haleyville 16:55.66
David Craft, Florence 17:02.42
Ryan McKinney, Rogers 17:19.55
Tristan Carter, Haleyville 17:32.77
Others (county team leaders)
26. Kevin Barajas, Jacksonville 18:48.32

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