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Bussey, Borders sectional medalists

White Plains’ Bussey wins 4A-3 boys; JCA’s Borders repeats as 1A-3A girls champ; PV boys qualify in 3A boys, Piedmont qualifies 3

White Plains senior Layton Bussey (L) won Class 4A Section 3 boys medalist honors with a 74, while JCA senior Chloe Borders shot 81 for the second year in a row to repeat as 1A-3A girls sectional medalist.

White Plains senior Layton Bussey (L) won Class 4A Section 3 boys medalist honors with a 74, while JCA senior Chloe Borders shot 81 for the second year in a row to repeat as 1A-3A girls sectional medalist.

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

SILVER LAKES — Colman Hayes sat glumly in the grille after each round of the Calhoun County Tournament last week stewing over a couple rounds that didn’t help the cause. He couldn’t help feeling he let his White Plains golf team down even though the Wildcats won the championship by a reasonably comfortable margin.

Fast forward a week and he’s is being hailed as a hero of sorts. The Wildcats played in an even bigger tournament Monday and Hayes may have had the biggest impact on his team’s success of anyone in the lineup.

The sophomore bounced back from those two county rounds to shoot 78 at Silver Lakes – the team’s second best score – and helped the Wildcats win the boys Class 4A Section 3 title. Oneonta, DAR and Hokes Bluff also advanced to next Monday’s North sub-state tournament at Anniston Country Club.

“I’m very proud of Colman and we definitely needed (his round) today,” White Plains coach Marcus Harrell said. “For him to bounce back after a rough County Tournament is really nice.

“He’s put in a lot of work the past week. I mean, hours upon hours on the range. We’ve been working to fix some things and it’s really good to see it kind of come together today.”

Hayes’ senior teammate Layton Bussey, the Calhoun County champion, was the sectional medalist with a 74, one better than Oneonta’s Will Patrick. Wildcats eighth-grader Andrew Miller and Jacksonville’s Hunter Sanford were among the four individual qualifiers.

Hayes was really the only White Plains player making any headway early as the Wildcats trailed throughout the Backbreaker 9 that was the front side of their round.

They were a collective 23-over-par on the side and even though they only had to finish in the top four to advance winning the sectional would bring a big boost of momentum going forward. Hayes was 1-over through 12 holes.

“If it weren’t for him we’d have been way out of it,” Harrell said. “He kind of held us together early.”

Hayes was just happy he could help.

“I just wanted to do better,” he said. “It was a lot better. My pitch shots were better. I had my distances down. I hit the driver pretty good. I just eliminated the mistakes that I made; when you’ve had a bad shot, make a better one. I didn’t do anything stupid, really.”

Girls 1A-3A Section 3

SILVER LAKES — JCA senior Chloe Borders was the sectional medalist for the second year in a row with an 81, but this year the score and the title came in a much different way.

Last year she was holding the lead and had to get through a tough final hole before claiming victory – with an 81. This year, she had to chase down the leader — one of her playing partners – after a rough start.

Borders was 6-over through four holes after a jarring 8 on the par-4 Heartbreaker fourth, three shots behind Glencoe’s Lauren Cole. But she played her final 14 holes in 3-over with two birdies. She was 1-over on the back and was tied for the lead tied coming to the last hole, then won it with a par to Cole’s double bogey.

“I didn’t know we were even close, who was ahead or who was behind,” Borders said. “I think it’s just best if I just play my game. I just played trying to shoot the score I wanted to shoot. I was hoping if I did play good on the last couple holes it would either be enough and if it wasn’t it wouldn’t have been too big of a deal.”

Cole played the final four holes in 6-over. She finished tied for second and won a sudden-death playoff over Westbrook Christian’s Ellie Porter for second low medalist.

All three teams playing in the tournament — Westbrook Christian, Piedmont and Pleasant Valley — advanced to next week’s substate at Gadsden Country Club.

Sacred Heart ninth-grader Abbie Vingers and Weaver’s Kaylee Russell were among the four individual qualifiers. Vingers became the Cardinals’ first girl to qualify for sub-state golf. Russell beat out teammate Autumn Ray with a bogey on the first hole of a sudden-death playoff for the fourth individual spot.

“It wasn’t too hard (playing a teammate); we just treated it like it was practice and had fun with it,” Russell said. “I didn’t really feel any pressure. Either way, Weaver was going to go to sub-state, so I kind of looked at it that way.”

Madilyn Turner led Pleasant Valley with an 87. She struggled with her driver going out on the Heartbreaker and was 14-over after 10 holes, but played her final eight holes on the Backbreaker in 1-over.

“Backbreaker I normally have difficulties with so I was just really pleased with how I played on the back,” Turner said. “And then I was also happy because I did turn it around and I didn’t just keep sinking into doing worse and worse and worse.

“I was mentally stronger this tournament than I can say that I’ve been in quite a few tournaments. That’s probably one of the hardest things to do, to be able to step back and seriously let it go. I was proud of that.”

Boys 3A Section 3

GADSDEN – Pleasant Valley squeezed out Piedmont for the section’s fourth qualifying spot to next week’s substate at Silver Lakes.

The Raiders shot 361 as a team at Twin Bridges Golf Club, 16 shots better than the Bulldogs. Britton Proper and Ethan Johnson scored PV’s two low rounds, 83 and 84, respectively.

The Bulldogs did, however, land three of the four individual qualifiers – Ethan Floyd (79), Will Bedwell (87) and Trevor McCarley (89).

Westbrook Christian, Glencoe and Geraldine also qualified their teams. The Warriors shot 290 as a team led by recent Oxford-Gadsden Invitational medalist John Hilliard Catanzaro (69).

At Silver Lakes

Team Scores
(Top 4 advance)
White Plains 315
Oneonta 326
DAR 364
Hokes Bluff 365
Cherokee County 369
Jacksonville 382
Crossville 413
Sardis 459

Medalist: Layton Bussey, White Plains
Qualifiers: Matt Johnson, North Jackson; Andrew Miller, White Plains; Hunter Sanford, Jacksonville; Jacob Hyatt, J.B. Pennington

Individual Results
Layton Bussey, White Plains 74
Will Patrick, Oneonta 75
Matt Johnson, North Jackson 77
Colman Hayes, White Plains 78
Easton Jones, DAR 78
Stewart Miller, Oneonta 79
P.J. Sotelo, White Plains 80
Colby Chaviers, Oneonta 82
Cameron McCareeth, White Plains 83
Andrew Miller, White Plains 85
Riley Chandler, DAR 86
Josh Jones, Hokes Bluff 87
Hunter Sanford, Jacksonville 87
Nathan Griffin, White Plains 87
Jacob Hyatt, J.B. Pennington 87
Jake Moore, Jacksonville 88
Caden Garrett, Cherokee Co. 89
Jeremy Black, Hokes Bluff 89
Cole Contris, Hokes Bluff 90
Ty Hayes, Oneonta 90
J.R. Young, Cherokee Co. 91
Josh Davis, White Plains 91
Stone Alexander, Cherokee Co. 92
Skyler Langston, Crossville 92
Austin Davis, Munford 93
Colton Cox, Crossville 96
Paul Wynn, Cherokee Co. 97
Tyler Troup, DAR 98
Tucker Marsh, Hokes Bluff 99
Kyle Cole, Sardis 99
Ben Wooten, Crossville 100
Matthew Jones, Hokes Bluff 100
Alex Prickett, DAR 102
Braxton McFall, Jacksonville 103
Casey Trull, Jacksonville 104
Eli Tripp, J.B. Pennington 104
Dawson Wright, DAR 105
Brody McGatha, Cherokee Co. 109
Kaleb Morgan, Sardis 114
Clay Cole, Sardis 119
Damien Hood, Crossville 125
Daniel Rich, Sardis 127

At Silver Lakes

Team Scores
(Top 3 advance)
Westbrook Christian 257
Pleasant Valley 396
Piedmont 384

Medalist: Chloe Borders, JCA
Qualifiers: Chloe Borders, JCA; Lauren Cole, Glencoe; Abbie Vingers, Sacred Heart; Kaylee Russell, Weaver

Individual Results
Chloe Borders, JCA 81
Lauren Cole, Glencoe 83
Ellie Porter, Westbrook 83
Hope Cone, Westbrook 85
Madilyn Turner, Pleasant Valley 87
Gracis Guyton, Westbrook 89
Sydney Fairchild, Westbrook 94
Abbie Vingers, Sacred Heart 113
Kaylee Russell, Weaver 123
Autumn Ray, Weaver 123
Kinsey Martin, Piedmont 126
Cheyenne Law, Piedmont 127
Alyssa Gilley, Spring Garden 130
Madison Spivey, Piedmont 131
McKenzie Clark, Woodville 132
Kaylee Willingham, Geraldine 137
Gabby Fagan, Pleasant Valley 150
Sarah Ford, Pleasant Valley 159

At Twin Bridges Golf Club

Team Scores
(Top 4 advance)
Westbrook Christian 290
Glencoe 303
Geraldine 334
Pleasant Valley 361
Piedmont 377

Medalist: John Hilliard Catanzaro, Westbrook
Qualifiers: Trevor McCarley, Piedmont; Will Bedwell, Piedmont; Ethan Floyd, Piedmont; Jared Patterson, Westbrook Christian

Individual Results
John Hilliard Catanzaro, Westbrook 69
William Wethington, Westbrook 71
Jack Sims, Glencoe 71
Logan Forrester, Geraldine 73
Harrison Martin, Westbrook 75
Jackson Bowman, Westbrook 75
Brock McNeeley, Glencoe 75
Ethan Womack, Glencoe 76
Ethan Floyd, Piedmont 79
Andrew Lang, Glencoe 81
Jared Patterson, Westbrook 81
Brandon Bright, Geraldine 82
Britton Proper, Pleasant Valley 83
Ethan Johnson, Pleasant Valley 84
Riley Sisk, Geraldine 84
J.P. Pirani, Westbrook 85
Will Bedwell, Piedmont 87
Hunter Vest, N. Sand Mtn 89
Trevor McCarley, Piedmont 89
Aaron Shavers, Pisgah 91
Blake Maxwell, Glencoe 91
Adam Pritchett, Pleasant Valley 92
Corey Clayborn, Geraldine 95
Dallas Tidmore, Ashville 99
Jeremiah Ward, Glencoe 99
J.T. Barthell, Pleasant Valley 100
Chris Craven, Pleasant Valley 102
Brooks Davis, Pleasant Valley 102
Cole Proper, Pleasant Valley 105
Ethan Redden, Ashville 106
Noah Causey, Weaver 107
Jake Duvall, Pisgah 110
Casey Reeves, Geraldine 112
Ridge McHugh, Westbrook 114
Grayson Ingram, Piedmont 122
Gabe Tonogan, Weaver 124
Brett Akin, Piedmont 129

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