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First tee open at Stoney Brook

Jacksonville golf course is up for sale, but owners dispel rumors of closing, saying it will ‘for sure be open through the season’

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

The rumors Calhoun County golfers have been hearing about the future of Stoney Brook Golf Course are only partially true.

The Jacksonville golf course indeed is on the market, but as far as it closing any time soon, the owners say it will be open for play this season.

Renda Jaskowski, who operates the course with her husband Bob, has been beating back rumors about the course’s closure for months. But she told East Alabama Sports Today Tuesday it would remain open through the summer.

“It’s for sure going to stay open through the season; it’s not closing in April,” she said. “It’s going to stay open at least through the season. Beyond that, I can’t say.”

The season could be to the end of August or the end of September. The final decision on its future rests with her parents.

Frank and Merl Wade bought the course from original designer Bill Brannon in 1984 when golf was in its heyday. They operated it until they moved back to Texas.

The course’s golf cart lease expires in April. With no interest in extending for another four years, in order to remain in operation it will lease carts on a month-to-month basis.

“I had decided when the lease was up we’re done, but my dad wants to keep it open,” Renda said. “Dad’s like I’d really like to stay on ‘til it sells.”

The asking price is $900,000 and Renda said the family has had “some interest” from potential buyers.

Stoney Brook is one of eight golf courses in operation in Calhoun County, joining the private Anniston Country Club, Anniston Municipal Golf Course, Cane Creek Golf Course, Oxford’s Cider Ridge Golf Club, Indian Oaks Golf Club, Pine Hill Country Club and Silver Lakes. Indian Oaks recently was reopened after being purchased by its neighborhood homeowners.

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