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Cubs win ASB tourney

Alexandria rules lower weights, wins five titles overall; Wellborn finishes third, half-point from second

By East Alabama Sports Today

TALLADEGA — Alexandria produced champions in five weight classes and won the ASB Homecoming Tournament Saturday for its second title of the season.

The Valley Cubs scored 192 points, 25.5 ahead of second place Mortimer Jordan. Wellborn finished third, a half-point back.

“We were really close going into the semifinals,” an emotionally drained Alexandria coach Frank Hartzog said. “We were like separated by one point – all three of us were right there. It’s now I figured it was going to go that way.

“I told the guys we have to wrestle well and they did. They stepped up. They just stepped up at the right time and didn’t crumble. In the past it seemed we hadn’t wrestled to our ability and I’d have to say they did tonight. They didn’t crumble out of the pressure.”

The Valley Cubs ruled the lower weights, winning at 108 (Jimmy Wilson), 115 (Lane Trapp), 122 (Fletcher Swindall) and 134 (Aaron Whitaker). Christian Knop remained undefeated (32-0) in winning at 172. Knop took a 6-0 decision from Westminster Christian’s third-ranked Reid Singles in his final.

The Cubs also had three thirds and two fourths. Among the more eye-opening was first-year wrestler Josh Beasley’s fourth-place finish at 195.

“He hadn’t won but one match before today, but he wrestled well,” Hartzog said. “He was winning in the consolation final and just got rolled. (The placing) was big for him and big for us, because it came at the right time.”

Kane Pitts (184) and Zach Chandler (197) won weight divisions for Wellborn. Sammy Cotton (115) and Justin Conner (147) had seconds.

Weaver second in Leeds Duals

LEEDS – Weaver won its first three matches of the day to win its pool, then strategically decided to rest some of its wrestlers and lost to St. Clair County and Madison County in the title match 42-33 to finish second in the Leeds Duals.

The Bearcats beat J.O. Johnson (42-37), Springville (66-18) and Dora (46-33) to win their pool. They lost to St. Clair County 38-33 and Madison County 42-33.

They rested a few of their starters in the back of the lineup to keep them fresh for Tuesday’s Calhoun County Championships.

Nick Souder (4-0), Collin Allison, Chase Rodgers (4-0) and Caleb Allison (4-0) were all undefeated in the tournament. Collin Allison went 5-0 with five pins.

The Bearcats are 28-9 in dual matches this season.

Ohatchee also was in the field.

On the cover: Sophomore Aaron Whittaker was one of five weight class champions who helped Alexandria win the ASB Tournament.


Team scores: Alexandria 192, Mortimer Jordan 166.5, Wellborn 166, Hayden 78, Ashville 77, Westminster Christian 73, Calera 70.5, Shelby County 70, Sumiton Christian 61, ASB 48, Lincoln 36, Mississippi SB 12.

108 Results
Championship Match:
Jimmy Wilson (Alexandria) 23-1, Fr. pinned Ryan St. John (Hayden) 21-6, Fr. (1:49).

Consolation Match: Jacob Richman (Westminster Christian) 26-4, Fr. pinned Jacob Headrick (Sumiton Christian) 13-8, Fr. (2:44).

115 Results
Championship Match:
Lane Trapp (Alexandria) 17-1, Sr. pinned Sammy Cotton (Walter Wellborn) 10-6, Fr. (1:34).

Consolation Match: Joshua Cantrell (Mortimer Jordan) 10-8, Fr. pinned Tyler Cluck (Ashville) 9-13, Fr. (5:54).

122 Results
Championship Match:
Fletcher Swindall (Alexandria) 29-3, Fr. pinned Matthew Thompson (Sumiton Christian) 17-6, Fr. (5:13).

Consolation Match: Brady Rinehard (Walter Wellborn) 10-5, Jr. pinned Kyle Erhart (Mortimer Jordan) 6-8, Fr. (1:27).

128 Results
Championship Match:
Noah Seiger (Calera) 15-6, Fr. def. Cason Jordan (Mortimer Jordan) 28-7, Sr. (MD 13-3).

Consolation Match: Ian Theiss (Westminster Christian) 22-13, Fr. def. Matthew Schmaltz (Alexandria) 18-7, So. (4-0).

134 Results
Championship Match:
Aaron Whittaker (Alexandria) 27-7, So. def. Matthew Lindsey (Walter Wellborn) 11-3, Fr. (Inj. 0:44).

Consolation Match: Jordan Kiley (Mortimer Jordan) 18-8, Fr. pinned Connor Banks (Calera) 7-11, So. (4:19).

140 Results
Championship Match:
Braxton Worthington (Mortimer Jordan) 33-1, Fr. pinned Dalton Chandlor (Sumiton Christian) 16-6, Jr. (3:56).

Consolation Match: Tanner Hallmark (Hayden) 24-12, So. pinned Justin Roblee (Walter Wellborn) 11-6, Jr. (3:03).

147 Results
Championship Match:
Gavin Rogers (Mortimer Jordan) 32-5, Jr. pinned Justin Conner (Walter Wellborn) 12-4, Sr. (5:53).

Consolation Match: Austin Young (Hayden) 24-12, Jr. def. Judson Cash (Alexandria) 14-12, Jr. (MD 12-2).

154 Results
Championship Match:
Ryan King (Alabama School for the Blind) 23-1, Jr. def. Andrew Hyche (Mortimer Jordan) 28-5, Sr. (Dec 4-0).

Consolation Match: Clayton Conner (Walter Wellborn) 9-4, Jr. pinned Allen Ray (Hayden) 13-16, Sr. (3:25).

162 Results
Championship Match:
Kenny Brady (Ashville) 26-1, Sr. pinned Bragan Swindle (Mortimer Jordan) 26-9, Sr. (5:53).

Consolation Match: Phillip Gaddy (Alexandria) 13-11, Sr. pinned Chad Reach (Shelby County) 8-11, So. (2:00).

172 Results
Championship Match:
Christian Knop (Alexandria) 32-0, Fr. def. Reid Singles (Westminster Christian) 15-7, Sr. (6-0).

Consolation Match: Andy Morgan (Ashville) 19-5, Sr. pinned Will Lawrence (Mortimer Jordan) 10-16, Jr. (2:54).

184 Results
Championship Match:
Kane Pitts (Walter Wellborn) 10-0, Jr. pinned Curtis Taylor (Alabama School for the Blind) 15-7, Jr. (1:50).

Consolation Match: Hunter Alexander (Calera) 24-7, Jr. def. Jeremiah Brown (Ashville) 22-5, Sr. (For.).

197 Results
Championship Match:
Zachery Chandler (Walter Wellborn) 13-3, Jr. pinned Devin Adams (Mortimer Jordan) 16-10, Jr. (5:02).

Consolation Match: Dalton Brooks (Shelby County) 11-8, Fr. pinned Josh Beasley (Alexandria) 4-10, Sr. (3:02).

222 Results
Championship Match:
Kendall Farr (Westminster Christian) 29-4, Jr. def. Denver Wages (Shelby County) 13-5, Jr. (MD 10-1).

Consolation Match: Jack Mccormick (Alexandria) 18-10, So. pinned Gaje Hull (Ashville) 9-10, So. (2:13).

287 Results
Championship Match:
Zabian Smith (Lincoln) 17-4, pinned Jesse Davis (Calera) 14-7, Sr. (0:30).

Consolation Match: Daniel Longoria (Alexandria) 8-6, Sr. pinned Wesley Harrell (Walter Wellborn) 8-8, So. (Fall 0:41).

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