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No slowing Busch

NASCAR’s ‘Comeback Kid’ taking it all in after winning championship last weekend in Homestead

By Jason Katz
Special to East Alabama Sports Today

Forty-eight hours is all it took for Kyle Busch to go from NASCAR driver to NASCAR champion. Winning his first Sprint Cup Championship and also grabbing a truck series owners’ championship in the process makes this past 48 “a whirlwind.”

“It’s been truly remarkable, and such an amazing experience,” Busch said Tuesday during a teleconference to reflect on his feats. “You never really dream exactly what it is going to be like, you just always dream of being able to accomplish the feat, and to have that opportunity with Toyota and Joe Gibbs Racing and M&M’s and everyone that’s been a part of my career throughout the years is really exciting.”

Busch’s road to the championship has been a long and difficult one. Only nine months removed from suffering a broken right leg and left foot in an accident at Daytona, he made it clear that even on Jeff Gordon’s day in the spotlight, attention would refocus on the 18 car and all it has accomplished.

“There’s been a few moments (of reflection),” he said. “Sometimes when you see the highlight reel rundown and you kind of hear the call of the end of the race and what that was like, and then of course to hear some comments made by Joe Gibbs or Adam Stevens and all of that, you know, it sort of definitely sets a bit of a spark in your nose.

“You kind of get that tingle of a tear almost, and it’s definitely been such a cool experience.”

Through all of the turmoil and pain that defined his early season, there has been room for celebration. Busch went on a multi-win stretch this summer and casually made it into the Chase even though the critics said he wasn’t qualified or deserving.

“To hear such the things being described and said and the feelings and emotions from the other people, you know, it kind of sets it off for you,” he said. “It’s going to be an interesting banquet week with even more of that kind of going on, so it’s going to be fun to tackle that.

“It’s one for the ages, and with grit and determination we got it done.”

From a possible career-ending injury to the birth of his son, and then winning his first Sprint Cup title, coming down from Cloud Nine will not be easy for Busch as he spends this week on a media tour with the Cup.

One thing is certain though: The “Comeback Kid” came back and put together one heck of a season, and that is the making of a legend.

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