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Too close to call

Alexandria, Nunnelly projected to win the county girls race; boys race expected to be tight

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

OXFORD — The Pleasant Valley girls and Ohatchee boys were somewhat surprise winners in last year’s Calhoun County Cross Country Meet, breaking Oxford’s vice-like grip on the title, but both might find it harder holding onto the prize than it was winning it.

This year’s meet is Tuesday at Oxford Lake and the projections are calling for a tight one.

The virtual meet calculating all the runners’ best times this season has Alexandria’s girls winning comfortably, while Ohatchee is a one-point favorite in the boys race.

“It ought to be a good one,” Ohatchee coach Casey Howell said. “By far the most competitive we’ve had in the county, and things will be pretty quick. It ought to be fun.”

Alexandria coach Phillip Hartsfield said after winning the Creekbank Invitational last week if his team continued to work hard and stayed healthy he liked its chances. The virtual meet has the Valley Cubs with three of the top four runners — including race favorite Abby Nunnelly – and six of the top 12.

The boys race is expected to be a dogfight among Ohatchee, Oxford and Pleasant Valley. The virtual meet has the Indians pulling down 60 points, Oxford scoring 61 and Pleasant Valley scoring 65.

Alexandria’s Lane Trapp is favored in the boys race.

Before the results were adjusted Monday, Pleasant Valley’s boys won Saturday’s Creekbank by two points over of Oxford, an outcome Raiders coach Brad Hood said should motivate the Yellow Jackets and Ohatchee even more. Ohatchee finished a distant eighth without two of its top five runners.

In the county virtual meet, Ohatchee has three runners in the top 10 and all five counters in the top 20. Oxford has two of the top three and three of the top six, but its final two counters are both outside the top 20. Pleasant Valley has a top 5 finisher and its next four at 12, 13, 17 and 18.

“It’ll take everything we can do to defend it,” Howell said. “I think our guys are excited to try to give it their best. I don’t know if we’ll win it, but I think our guys are ready and I think we’ll see our best. I hope our best beats their best.

“Even though the virtual meet gives us a one-point edge, this whole week we’re in the underdog role. PV and Oxford are unbelievable, so it’s just an honor to be classified with those two.”



Team scores: 1. Ohatchee 60, 2. Oxford 61, 3. Pleasant Valley 65, 4. Alexandria 94, 5. White Plains 120, 6. Anniston 141, 7. Faith Christian 226, 8. Jacksonville 226, 9. Sacred Heart 251.

Individual Top 20
Lane Trapp, Alexandria 16:59.39
Jeremiah Burns, Oxford 17:24.34
Luke Thomas, Oxford 17:27.27
Zebedee Lunsford, Anniston 17:33.94
Daniel Gladen, Pleasant Valley 17:49.26
Reed Robinson, Oxford 18:00.66
Blake Noah, Ohatchee 18:05.45
Will Lee, White Plains 18:12.52
Tristan Woodall, Ohatchee 18:21.39
Jimmy Wilson, Ohatchee 18:40.15
Dalton Dodd, Alexandria 18:41.41
Quinton Thornton, Pleasant Valley 18:42.79
Caleb Kirk, Pleasant Valley 18:48.01
Callen Bone, Faith Christian 18:48.64
Gabe Hammonds, Ohatchee 18:55.38
Tony White, Anniston 18:59.75
Coleman Haynes, Pleasant Valley 19:02.37
Jacob Gladen, Pleasant Valley 19:04.76
Brennan Wink, Ohatchee 19:06.89
Luis Rodriguez, Alexandria 19:10.27


Team scores: 1. Alexandria 27, 2. Pleasant Valley 60, 3. Oxford 74, 4. Ohatchee 110, 5. Jacksonville 121, 6. White Plains 131, 7. Saks 223.

Individual Top 20
Abby Nunnelly, Alexandria 19:29.36
Rebecca Hearn, Jacksonville 19:34.43
Chloe Brown, Alexandria 19:54.59
Lauren Reaves, Alexandria 20:50.87
Trinity Roberts, Pleasant Valley 20:59.28
Madison Reeder, Oxford 21:21.88
Emma Hood, Pleasant Valley 21:25.25
Amber Dempsey, Oxford 21:51.02
Emily McFarland, Alexandria 22:07.36
Caroline McFarland, Alexandria 22:09.47
Toni Coley, Oxford 22:18.12
Sarah Kilgore, Alexandria 22:32.80
Rachel Faucett, Pleasant Valley 22:46.50
Juliana Ballew, Pleasant Valley 22:47.40
Victoria McRaney, Ohatchee 22:47.76
Jayda Fair, Ohatchee 22:47.76
Mary Shelton, Jacksonville 22:57.14
Kourtney Shuler, Ohatchee 23:04.77
Savannah Yates, White Plains 23:17.65
Destiny Heathcock, Alexandria 23:32.09
Bailey Dollar, Pleasant Valley 23:32.12

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