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Crunch time in Cup matches

[corner-ad id=2]Cider Ridge could be beneficiary as ACC, Silver Lakes battle it out at Cane Creek; only 2.5 points separate top three teams

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

The East Alabama Sports Today Challenge Cup race is as tight as it has been all season. Any number of scenarios could manifest depending on the way Friday’s third round unfolds.

Anniston Country Club could have a nice lead going into next month’s final round. Cider Ridge could slide into the lead as two other contenders duke it out. Or it could be an even tighter race than when it started.

ACC enters the third match of the four-round interclub series at Cane Creek atop the standings with a two-point lead over Cider Ridge. But it plays the marquee match of the day against a Silver Lakes team that’s only a half-point back in third.

The top two teams coming out of Friday’s action will go head-to-head next month at Silver Lakes to determine a champion. Teams 3 and 4 will battle in the other match.

ACC pro and captain Jake Spott likens this stage of the game to the college football playoff system.

“We just have to make the playoff,” he said. “If we get the 1 or 2 seed, I don’t care. As long as we can finish 1 or 2 we’ll be thrilled.

“Obviously it’d be nice to be No. 1 coming out of it, but we want to win the Cup. We won’t win it tomorrow, but you get a chance to win it tomorrow.”

Silver Lakes jumped into the mix with a resounding win over Cane Creek last month at Cider Ridge while ACC and the host club battled to a draw.

“We just have to take care of business,” Silver Lakes captain Brennan Clay said. “If we win our matches, it should take care of itself. We just have to do what’s in front of us.

“We’d like to have the showing we had at Cider Ridge – that’d be nice – but if we just take care of who we’re playing against we’ll be fine. … The main thing is we want to get the team victory and get those extra points that will be what puts us over the edge.”

Cider Ridge appears to be the team in the catbird seat. The Oxford team currently sits second and could slide into the lead while ACC and Silver Lakes beat up on each other.

Cane Creek may be a distant fourth, but pro Kenny Szuch isn’t counting out his team.

“It takes time to prepare good food,” he said.

The trophy that goes to the winner has arrived and will be on display at the course.

Here are the lineups for Friday’s matches:


Jake Spott-Lance Evans (ACC) vs. Brennan Clay-Steve Bailey (SL)
Tom Roberts-Bob Kennamer (ACC) vs. Bobby Luttrell-Alan Darnall (SL)
Don Whitlow-John Lindsey (ACC) vs. Ken Green-Tyler Davis (SL)
John Carrozza-Bob Orchid (ACC) vs. Ted Klimasewski-Tim MacTaggart (SL)


Kenny Szuch-Jeremy McGatha (CC) vs. Doug Wert-Jason Johnson (CR)
Caleb McKinney-Clay Calkins (CC) vs. Nate Pearce-James Beavers (CR)
Ted Heim-Jackson Johnson (CC) vs. Al Muskewitz-Cecil Martin (CR)
Bill Curry-Geni Preece (CC) vs Ted Martin-B.J. Franklin (CR)

Team standings

Anniston CC 19.5
Cider Ridge 17.5
Silver Lakes 17.0
Cane Creek 6.0

Individual points leaders

PLAYER, Club Total
Ted Klimasewski, SL 6
Tim MacTaggart, SL 6
Jake Spott, ACC 5.5
Don Whitlow, ACC 4.5
Lance Evans, ACC 4
Bob Kennamer, ACC 3.5
John Carrozza, ACC 3.5
Brian Woodfin, ACC 3
Jake Goggans, CR 3
Ted Martin, CR 3
Ralph Carter, CR 3
Frank Toland, CR 3
Landon Winfrey, CR 3
Mark Lee, CR 3
Austin Minter, SL 3
Ron Borchelt, SL 3
Bob Orchid, ACC 2.5
Brennan Clay, SL 2.5
Dustin Travis, SL 2.5
Clay Calkins, CC 2.5
Landon Straub, CC 2.5
John Lindsey, ACC 2
Nate Pearce, CR 2
Jordan Evans, SL 2
Zach Contris, SL 2
Eric Stringer, ACC 1.5
Jeff Bain, CR 1.5
Don Maddox, CR 1.5
Chip Howell, CC 1.5
Tim Turner, CC 1.5
Jason Johnson, CR 1
Doug Wert, CR 1
Janson Wilborn, CC 1
Jackson Johnson, CC 1
James Rainwater, CR 0.5
Tim Steward, CR 0.5
Bobby Luttrell, SL 0.5
Ken Green, SL 0.5
Kenny Szuch, CC 0.5
Jeremy McGatha, CC 0.5
Dennis Moyer, CC 0.5
Bo Savage, CC 0.5
Tom Roberts, ACC 0
John Gasser, CR 0
Alan Darnall, SL 0
Tyler Davis, SL 0
Dillon Davis, SL 0
Matt Rogers, CC 0
Grant Hockman, CC 0
Bill Curry, CC 0
John Michael Russell, CC 0

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