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Brooks aces a par-4

[corner-ad id=2]Terry Brooks, a 63-year-old signmaker from Alexandria, scored a hole-in-one on a par-4 Thursday when he aced No. 10 at Pine Hill Country Club while introducing a friend to the game.

Brooks, owner of Majestic Signs, hit a driver on the 264-yard hole. The ball jumped over the pond guarding the green and made its way into the hole.

“I thought it was on the green and then I thought it might have gone over the back into the water,” Brooks said.

It was his third ace ever. The shot was witnessed by Kyle Fleming, who was playing his first hole of golf ever.

“I just wanted to hit a few holes to see how I’d do,” Fleming said. “It took me forever to get in the hole and when I get there, his is already in the hole.”

The ace will now be recorded in the EA Sports Today repository of aces scored at county clubs.

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