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Oxford wins 6A sectional; 42 wrestlers advance


By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

MONTGOMERY – The Secret Sloth Society that is the Oxford High School wrestling team served notice Saturday it intends to be reckoned with at next week’s state tournament when it won the Class 6A title in the AHSAA South Super Section at Cramton Bowl Arena.

The Yellow Jackets qualified 11 wrestlers for next week’s state championship meet in Huntsville and scored 239 points, 33 ahead of runner-up Homewood.

Ohatchee and Weaver both made their pitch to be contenders in Class 1A-5A, finishing second and third, respectively, behind somewhat surprise winner Leeds.

Oxford, meanwhile, draws some kind of inspiration from the sloth, an animal with an reputation for being plodding, lazy and listless. The Yellow Jackets have an image of one on their T-shirts and even carry around stuffed ones to the mat.

The origins are so secret the players will not discuss them publicly.

“I can’t tell you,” 182-pound champion Hunter Lee said, and it was his idea. “It’s a team thing.”

Although Yellow Jackets coach Matt Tanner said there had been some sloth-like behavior during the draining days in the middle of the season, there was none on the mat this day. Oxford won sectional titles at 113 (Hayden Carpenter), 138 (Matt King) and 182 (Lee) and had a runner-up in Wesley Slick (106).

Just as important to the cause, Tanner said, were the points they gained from freshmen Carson Lindsey (126), Gryce McDaniel (152) and sophomore Kane Pitts (195). Lindsey pinned the No. 2 seed in his weight class on the way to a fourth-place finish.

“Those three really gave us points we were hoping we would get but we weren’t sure of,” Tanner said. “Without those points, we don’t win. They were the wild cards that … put us over the edge because we didn’t know what they would do.”

Ohatchee qualified nine wrestlers, Weaver eight, Alexandria six, Wellborn and Saks two each. Piedmont, competing in the North Super Section in Birmingham, qualified four. All the county qualifiers for state are listed below.

Weaver produced champions in Nick Souder (106) and Chase Rodgers (195) and a runnerup in Jacob Howard (145). Ohatchee produced a champion at 113 (Kevin Griffith) and a runnerup at 106 (Jimmy Wilson). Alexandria produced runnersup at 113 (Lane Trapp) and 160 (Christian Knop).

“The eight I’ve got going can score points so hopefully it’ll be interesting next week,” Weaver coach Andy Fulmer said. “If we go out there and … improve on some little things this week in practice I think we can toss our name out there and make things interesting at least.”

At one point this weekend, Ohatchee was teetering in fourth and fifth in the team standings, but its wrestlers did a good job of wrestling back to collect points.

“I’m more concerned about how many kids we’ve got going to state (than the second-place finish),” Sweatman said. “The goal was 10, we got nine; that’s pretty good. I think nine is enough (to contend next week), but every kid we have is going to have to win matches.”

Griffith successfully defended his position as the only sectional champion in Ohatchee history, completing his state map by adding a South crown to the North title he won a year ago.

Now, he’s hoping the two halves parlay into a complete state championship as he’ll be looking for a better showing at state than last year, when he split two matches while battling through the onset of bronchitis.

“It was probably harder last year (winning sectionals) because I had harder opponents; this year I only had one really hard opponent (Trapp),” Griffith said. “I’m really looking forward to (the state meet). I think I can go far with it this year. Me and my coaches talked about how this year was going to be different because I was going to be more healthy.”

(On the cover: Oxford’s Hunter Lee moves off his opponent after pinning Carlos Jesus Figueroa of Homewood in the 6A 182-pound final.)

(Cramton Bowl Arena, Montgomery)


Team scores: 1. Leeds 235.5, 2. Ohatchee 195.5, 3. Weaver 174, 4. Cleburne County 172, 5. St. James 170, 6. St. Clair County 166.5, 7. Tallassee 140, 8. Moody 133, 9. Helena 131, 10. Alexandria 116, 11. Holtville 112.5, 12. Springville 77, 13. Prattville Christian 71.5, 14. Elmore County 69, 15. Montgomery Catholic 66.5, 16. Lincoln 61, 17. Shelby County 56, 18. Calera 55.5, 19. Saks 54.5, 20. Wellborn 50, 21. Ranburne 39, 22. Beauregard 24.0, 23. Alabama School for the Blind 22, 24. American Christian 12, 25. Oneonta 4.

106 Results
State Qualifiers: Nick Souder-Weaver, Jim Wilson-Ohatchee, Fletcher Swindall-Alexandria, Alex Miller-Helena, Dshawn Skinner-Leeds, Jordan Price-Tallassee, Josh Stokes-Calera, Will Patterson-Moody.

Championship Match: Nick Souder (Weaver) 61-1, So. def. Jim Wilson (Ohatchee) 55-10, 8th. (Fall 4:00).
Consolation Match: Fletcher Swindall (Alexandria) 59-12, 8th. def. Alex Miller (Helena) 36-4, Fr. (Dec 7-4).

113 Results
State Qualifiers: Kevin Griffith-Ohatchee, Lane Trapp-Alexandria, Brady Rinehard-Walter Wellborn, Bruin Hathcock-Tallassee, Garrett Dorsett-Moody, Jacob van Northington-Prattville Christian, Sam Sims-Leeds, Austin Turner-Cleburne County.

Championship Match: Kevin Griffith (Ohatchee) 53-9, Sr. def. Lane Trapp (Alexandria) 53-7, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
Consolation Match: Brady Rinehard (Walter Wellborn) 35-12, So. def. Bruin Hathcock (Tallassee) 35-13, 7th. (Dec 2-1).

120 Results
Qualifiers: Zachary Van alst-Montgomery Catholic, Austin Johnson-Saint James, Preston Jarrell-Cleburne County, Josh Sexton-Ohatchee, Austin Rhodes-Holtville, Westley Stone-Moody, Joshua Gruhn-Helena, Aaron Stagner-Shelby County.

Championship Match: Zachary Van alst (Montgomery Catholic) 46-0, So. def. Austin Johnson (Saint James) 20-8, Jr. (TF-1.5 5:56 (19-4)).
Consolation Match: Preston Jarrell (Cleburne County) 32-11, Fr. def. Josh Sexton (Ohatchee) 51-10, Jr. (Dec 12-7).

126 Results
State Qualifiers: Collin Jones-Tallassee, Noah Seiger-Calera, Payton Entrekin-Ohatchee, Hunter Gruhn-Helena, Coleman Wright-Prattville Christian, Jack Burt-Saint James, Aaron Whittaker-Alexandria, Thien Nguyen-Moody.

Championship Match: Collin Jones (Tallassee) 38-7, Sr. def. Noah Seiger (Calera) 36-4, 8th. (Fall 4:54).

132 Results
State Qualifiers: Kennon Reese-Tallassee, Geoffrey Murray-Saint James, Zack Clough-Saint Clair County, Chandler Teems-Leeds, Noah Beam-Cleburne County, Andrew Kilgore-Saks, Gannon Womack-Alexandria, Justin Conner-Walter Wellborn.

Championship Match: Kennon Reese (Tallassee) 46-4, Sr. def. Geoffrey Murray (Saint James) 42-8, Jr. (TB-1 8-3).
Consolation Match: Zack Clough (Saint Clair County) 44-10, Sr. def. Chandler Teems (Leeds) 30-14, So. (Dec 4-1).

138 Results
State Qualifiers: Toren Pollard-Leeds, Corey Davis-Cleburne County, Kyle Clapper-Weaver, Jared Monday-Moody, Cody Gibson-Holtville, Brandon Franklin-Saint Clair County, Tracy Strouse-Elmore County, Mason Pattie-Saint James.

Championship Match: Toren Pollard (Leeds) 46-1, Jr. def. Corey Davis (Cleburne County) 37-7, Sr. (Dec 12-6).
Consolation Match: Kyle Clapper (Weaver) 47-10, So. def. Jared Monday (Moody) 45-11, Sr. (Fall 5:00).

145 Results
State Qualifiers: Furman Taylor-Helena, Jacob Howard-Weaver, Will White-Leeds, Tyler Glass-Moody, Samuel Cooper-Cleburne County, Will Prater-Saint James, Logan Burch-Saint Clair County, Cameron Harris-Montgomery Catholic.

Championship Match: Furman Taylor (Helena) 29-1, Sr. def. Jacob Howard (Weaver) 56-7, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
Consolation Match: Will White, (Leeds), def. Tyler Glass (Moody) 41-14, Sr. (Dec 8-5).

152 Results
State Qualifiers: Alex Nickell-Leeds, Tyler Mayfield-Cleburne County, Alex Jackson-Springville, Gabriel Keating-Montgomery Catholic, Ryan King-Alabama Sch. For Blind, Alex Cole-Moody, Braxton Hiatt-Helena, Austin Snelling-Ohatchee.

Championship Match: Alex Nickell (Leeds) 48-5, Jr. def. Tyler Mayfield (Cleburne County) 39-2, So. (Dec 8-5).
Consolation Match: Alex Jackson (Springville) 47-6, Sr. def. Gabriel Keating (Montgomery Catholic) 40-9, Jr. (Fall 3:51).

160 Results
State Qualifiers: Robert Griggs-Saint James, Bryan Tutton-Saint Clair County, Jeremy Noah-Tallassee, Christian Shaneyfelt-Springville, Tyler Johnson-Weaver, Samuel Pate-Cleburne County, Arthur Patton-Leeds, Nicolas Thames-Elmore County

Championship Match: Robert Griggs (Saint James) 30-6, Sr. def. Bryan Tutton (Saint Clair County) 39-18, Jr. (Dec 6-2).
Consolation Match: Jeremy Noah (Tallassee) 29-18, Jr. def. Christian Shaneyfelt (Springville) 32-10, Jr. (Dec 8-6).

182 Results
State Qualifiers: Brett Staggs-Moody, Cade Scott-Helena, Michael Collin Allison-Weaver, Marcus Sharit-Saint Clair County, Hayden Ward-Saint James, Andy Baker-Tallassee, Tryston Gentry-Beauregard, Patrick Wilkins-Shelby County.

Championship Match: Brett Staggs (Moody) 63-3, Jr. def. Cade Scott (Helena) 31-2, So. (Fall 4:00).
Consolation Match: Michael Collin Allison (Weaver) 48-10, Jr. def. Marcus Sharit (Saint Clair County) 21-6, Sr. (Dec 7-6).

195 Results
State Qualifiers: Chase Rodgers-Weaver, Christian Lane Burtram-Saint Clair County, Richard Williamson-Saint James, Caleb Montgomery-Ohatchee, Travis Bell-Cleburne County, Dylan Tullis-Ranburne, Jackson Brown-Leeds, Jack McCormick-Alexandria.

Championship Match: Chase Rodgers (Weaver) 51-5, Jr. def. Christian Lane Burtram (Saint Clair County) 35-11, Sr. (Dec 7-5).
Consolation Match: Richard Williamson (Saint James) 35-12, Jr. def. Caleb Montgomery (Ohatchee) 42-17, So. (SV-1 8-4).

220 Results
State Qualifiers: Tre Nation-Leeds, Alex Sandmann-Cleburne County, Steven Minniefield-Ohatchee, Skyler Mizzell-Saint Clair County, Denver Wages-Shelby County, Braxton Stokes-Calera, Matt Elston-Weaver, Jordan Brooks-Saks

Championship Match: Tre Nation (Leeds) 32-4, Jr. def. Alex Sandmann (Cleburne County) 44-4, Sr. (SV-1 4-2).
Consolation Match: Steven Minniefield (Ohatchee) 36-15, Sr. def. Skyler Mizzell (Saint Clair County) 38-20, 8th. (Dec 6-5).

285 Results
State Qualifiers: Josephus Smith-Leeds, Austin Blanton-Lincoln, Hunter Barclay-Ohatchee, Austin Mccawley-Prattville Christian, Chace Nappier-Springville, Walker Wages-Shelby County, Nathan Smith-Holtville, Steven Porter-Moody.

Championship Match: Josephus Smith (Leeds) 37-3, Jr. def. Austin Blanton (Lincoln) 32-10, Sr. (Fall 0:39).
Consolation Match: Hunter Barclay (Ohatchee) 47-5, Sr. def. Austin Mccawley (Prattville Christian) 40-5, Sr. (Fall 2:56).


Team Scores: 1. Oxford 239, 2. Homewood 206, 3. Benjamin Russell 199, 4. Pelham 157, 5. Wetumpka 130, 6. McAdory 114, 7. Hueytown 110.5, 8. Stanhope Elmore 102.5, 9. Chelsea 101, 10. Brookwood 100, 11. Opelika 92, 12. Park Crossing 51, 13. Russell County 48, 14. Pell City 35, 15. Northridge 24, 16. Paul Bryant 18, 17. Selma 13, 18. Carver-Montgomery 0.

106 Results
State Qualifiers: Ty Naquin-Stanhope Elmore, Wesley Slick-Oxford, Marshall Stone-Homewood, Tory Birdsong-Opelika, Saxon Coker-Benjamin Russell, Cole Blackwell-Wetumpka, Brantley Ledbetter-Chelsea, Jason Priester-Hueytown.

Championship Match: Ty Naquin (Stanhope Elmore) 36-2, Jr. def. Wesley Slick (Oxford) 32-15, 8th. (MD 13-0).
Consolation Match: Marshall Stone (Homewood) 12-2, So. def. Tory Birdsong (Opelika) 29-22, Fr. (Fall 4:17).

113 Results
State Qualifiers: Hayden Carpenter-Oxford, Jacob Brooks-Russell County, Ethan Harris-Homewood, Michael Parker-Benjamin Russell, Keagan Daniels-McAdory,Blake Williams-Hueytown, Kyler Ogden-Pell City, Austin Sciara-Chelsea.

Championship Match: Hayden Carpenter (Oxford) 52-15, Sr. def. Jacob Brooks (Russell County) 34-14, So. (Fall 1:20).
Consolation Match: Ethan Harris (Homewood) 13-1, Jr. def. Michael Parker (Benjamin Russell) 28-23, Fr. (Dec 9-4).

120 Results
State Qualifiers: Angelo Farrow-Opelika, Kewaan Kennedy-Homewood, Aaron Ledbetter-Chelsea, Cameron Spurlin-Wetumpka, Mason Blakeney-Oxford, Terence Burke-Stanhope Elmore, Nathan Pender-Pell City, Steven Corvin-Hueytown.

Championship Match: Angelo Farrow (Opelika) 43-14, Jr. def. Kewaan Kennedy (Homewood) 13-2, Jr. (SV-1 8-6).
Consolation Match: Aaron Ledbetter (Chelsea) 40-17, Fr. def. Cameron Spurlin (Wetumpka) 21-12, So. (MD 10-1).

126 Results
State Qualifiers: Vershone Graham-Wetumpka, Jeffrey Kennedy-Homewood, Eron Deloney-Benjamin Russell, Carson Lindsey-Oxford, Dylan Vines-Brookwood, Joe Harmon-Chelsea, Joseph Chimento-Pelham, Isaac Franklin-Paul Bryant.

Championship Match: Vershone Graham (Wetumpka) 39-4, Jr. def. Jeffrey Kennedy (Homewood) 17-2, Jr. (Fall 5:23).
Consolation Match: Eron Deloney (Benjamin Russell) 25-23, Sr. def. Carson Lindsey (Oxford) 18-20, Fr. (Dec 7-0).

132 Results
State Qualifiers: Deandre Anderson-Hueytown, Travis Norris-McAdory, Carial Tarter-Homewood, Quintez Pearson-Oxford, Ivan Ramos-Opelika, Dexter Tanner-Pelham, Jonathan Huynh-Selma, Travis Gartman-Stanhope Elmore.

Championship Match: Deandre Anderson (Hueytown) 40-2, Sr. def. Travis Norris (McAdory) 50-4, Sr. (Dec 9-6).
Consolation Match: Carial Tarter (Homewood) 14-2, Fr. def. Quintez Pearson (Oxford) 48-19, Jr. (Dec 7-0).

138 Results
State Qualifiers: Matt King-Oxford, Dallas Thompson-Brookwood, Tavante Baldwin-McAdory, Jamarez Hall-Benjamin Russell, Dillon Turner-Pelham, Kris Wilkins-Homewood, Ricky Mays-Pell City, Dylan Flynn-Stanhope Elmore.

Championship Match: Matt King (Oxford) 51-3, Fr. def. Dallas Thompson (Brookwood) 37-9, Sr. (MD 12-0).
Consolation Match: Tavante Baldwin (McAdory) 42-18, Sr. def. Jamarez Hall (Benjamin Russell) 24-18, Jr. (Fall 2:48).

145 Results
Emilio Elliott-Pelham, Ethan Knight-Opelika, Speed Pitts-Oxford, Nick Thrasher-Chelsea, Javonic Turner-Homewood, Daniel Jenkins-Park Crossing, Joel Portillo-McAdory, Charles Logan-Russell County.

Championship Match: Emilio Elliott (Pelham) 48-1, Sr. def. Ethan Knight (Opelika) 37-10, Sr. (Dec 10-6).
Consolation Match: Speed Pitts (Oxford) 19-10, Jr. def. Nick Thrasher (Chelsea) 23-10, Jr. (Fall 5:57).

152 Results
State Qualifiers: Thomas Coley-Benjamin Russell, Benjamin Wright-Northridge, Jared Mercer-Stanhope Elmore, Joseph Wipperman-Chelsea, Isaac Jackson-Park Crossing, Demetrius Cook-McAdory, Trent Barrett-Wetumpka.

Championship Match: Thomas Coley (Benjamin Russell) 34-14, Jr. def. Benjamin Wright (Northridge) 15-6, Sr. (MD 12-2).
Consolation Match: Jared Mercer (Stanhope Elmore) 28-11, Sr. def. Joseph Wipperman (Chelsea) 17-16, Jr. (Fall 2:26).

160 Results
State Qualifiers: Khaliq Jones-Wetumpka, Hasaan Hawthorne-Pelham, Jacob Shake-Oxford, Adam Tickal-Opelika, Nick Thompson-Benjamin Russell, Corey Johnson-Hueytown, Devin Hackworth-McAdory, Martin Rigsby-Stanhope Elmore.

Championship Match: Khaliq Jones (Wetumpka) 37-1, Sr. def. Hasaan Hawthorne (Pelham) 29-3, Jr. (MD 11-0).
Consolation Match: Jacob Shake (Oxford) 54-7, Sr. def. Adam Tickal (Opelika) 30-20, Jr. (Fall 3:57).

170 Results
State Qualifiers: Carlos Daniel Figueroa-ordono-Homewood, Ian Schlosser-Pelham, Trevor Gravette-Benjamin Russell, Trevor Leonard-Wetumpka, Alex Wyatt-Chelsea, Jordan Pendley-Brookwood, Nijal Scarbrough-McAdory, Miles Broadnax-Park Crossing.

Championship Match: Carlos Daniel Figueroa-Ordono (Homewood) 15-1, Jr. def. Ian Schlosser (Pelham) 24-10, Jr. (MD 13-3).
Consolation Match: Trevor Gravette (Benjamin Russell) 20-15, Jr. def. Trevor Leonard (Wetumpka) 16-10, Jr. (SV-1 6-4).

182 Results
State Qualifiers: Hunter Lee-Oxford, Carlos jesus Figueroa-Homewood, Giovanni Adan-Pelham, Bradey Walker-Brookwood, Logan Smith-Stanhope Elmore, Caleb Soukhamneut-Wetumpka, Jamie Whitehead-Benjamin Russell, Demetrius Paige-McAdory.

Championship Match: Hunter Lee (Oxford) 60-3, Sr. def. Carlos jesus Figueroa (Homewood) 15-3, So. (Fall 0:41).
Consolation Match: Giovanni Adan (Pelham) 11-5, Jr. def. Bradey Walker (Brookwood) 36-10, Sr. (Fall 0:29).

195 Results
State Qualifiers: Kashus Culpepper-Benjamin Russell, Karl Nagel-Pelham, Chase Kelly-Homewood, Jocquez Dixon-Park Crossing, Kane Pitts-Oxford, Aryan Caple-Russell County, Matthew Sullivan-Pell City, Jacob Holsomback-McAdory.

Championship Match: Kashus Culpepper (Benjamin Russell) 46-1, Sr. def. Karl Nagel (Pelham) 34-11, Jr. (Fall 0:49).
Consolation Match: Chase Kelly (Homewood) 16-3, Sr. def. Jocquez Dixon (Park Crossing) 30-8, So. (Fall 2:38).

220 Results
State Qualifiers: Jamal Woods-Hueytown, Frank Gonzalez-McAdory, Justavious Robinson-Benjamin Russell, Trent Holley-Wetumpka, Charlie Hallman-Brookwood, Wesley Butler-Homewood, Hayden Williams-Stanhope Elmore, William McAdams-Pell City.

Championship Match: Jamal Woods (Hueytown) 28-7, So. def. Frank Gonzalez (McAdory) 57-13, Sr. (Fall 3:07).
Consolation Match: Justavious Robinson (Benjamin Russell) 35-9, Jr. def. Trent Holley (Wetumpka) 33-10, So. (Dec 5-2).

285 Results
State Qualifiers: Daniel Bland-Benjamin Russell, Houston Thompson-Brookwood, Clay Webb-Oxford, Marquise Lavender-Hueytown, Kenny Hodef.-Pelham, De`shun Walton-Paul Bryant, William Peebles-Russell County, Jeremiah Dunham-Homewood.

Championship Match: Daniel Bland (Benjamin Russell) 43-1, Jr. def. Houston Thompson (Brookwood) 42-5, Sr. (MD 12-4).
Consolation Match: Clay Webb (Oxford) 42-21, 8th. def. Marquise Lavender (Hueytown) 23-4, Jr. (MD 10-2).

(Crossplex, Birmingham)

(Piedmont results only)

Team scores: 1. Madison County 219.5, 2. Hayden 185.5, 3. Dora 179.0, 4. Sumiton Christian 156.5, 5. Mortimer Jordan 119.5, 6. Westminster Christian 117, 7. J.O. Johnson, 116, 8. Deshler 113.5, 9. Fultondale 104.5, 10. J.B. Pennington 74, 11. Corner 71, 12.(tie) Ashville 63, 12. (tie) Piedmont 63, 14. Susan Moore 61, 15. Oak Grove 58, 16. East Limestone 56, 17. Butler 32, 18. Curry 25, 19. New Hope 22, 20. Columbia 8, 21. (tie) Gordon 4, 21. (tie) Wilson 4.

132 Results
State Qualifiers: Austin Everett-Dora, Braxton Bice-Ashville, Jaquan Rhodes-J.O. Johnson, Tate Smith-Oak Grove, Dalton Chandler-Sumiton Christian, Christian Doss-Piedmont, Landon Trammell-Hayden, Tony Stephens-Fultondale.

5th Place Match: Dalton Chandler (Sumiton Christian) 35-18, So. def. Christian Doss (Piedmont) 23-20, Fr. (MD 9-1).

170 Results
State Qualifiers: Trevor Edwards-Madison County, Caleb Lauderdale-Dora, Tyler Camp-Mortimer Jordan, Reid Singles-Westminster Christian, Jacob Sawyer-Hayden, Zach Russell-Corner, Logan Smith-Piedmont, Jeremiah Brown-Ashville.

7th Place Match: Logan Smith (Piedmont) 24-19, 8th. def. Jeremiah Brown (Ashville) 19-17, Jr. (Fall 4:26).

220 Results
State Qualifiers: Colton Parton-Madison County, Kendall Farr-Westminster Christian, Anthony Bracey-Garner-J.O. Johnson, Jaden Amberson-Piedmont, Alvin Hopkins-East Limestone, Dimahjio Shager-Butler, Hunter Averhart-Corner, Cody Colvin-Hayden.

Consolation Match: Anthony Bracey-Garner (J.O. Johnson) 50-10, Sr. def. Jaden Amberson (Piedmont) 31-14, Sr. (Fall 0:37).

285 Results
State Qualifiers: Zach Turner-Oak Grove, Geronimo Galvan-J.B. Pennington, Jamie Crutcher-Piedmont, Reed Murphy-Corner, Landon Laxson-East Limestone, Joseph Christiansen-Sumiton Christian, Anthony Johnson-Madison County, Spencer Killough-Deshler.

Consolation Match: Jamie Crutcher (Piedmont) 35-12, Jr. def. Reed Murphy (Corner) 22-8, Jr. (UTB 3-2).

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