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Website denied by JSU again

For second year in a row local fans will be denied coverage of Gamecocks on EASportsToday

By East Alabama Sports Today

Jacksonville State sports fans looking for independent coverage of the university’s sports teams on East Alabama Sports Today this fall will be disappointed as the school’s athletics department again has denied the local sports website credentials to cover its events on the basis of not meeting “our policy on receiving credentials.”

Sites similar to EASportsToday have been credentialed and granted access to JSU events in the year the free locally based website has been in operation.

EA Sports Today.com has developed a strong following for its solid reporting on the sports scene in Calhoun County, evidenced by the nearly 40,000 unique visitors and 400,000 hits it has received over the past year. It has been credentialed by such organizations as the Alabama High School Athletic Association and Talladega Superspeedway, and recognized as a viable media outlet by JSU’s own conference, the Ohio Valley Conference.

Amazingly, for an organization that refuses to grant credentials to the website to cover its press conferences and events, JSU still provides the website with press releases touting its results and activities.

Covering a mid-major college program in one’s community would have been a major element in any media outlet’s coverage plan, yet JSU continues to selectively deny EASportsToday access for exposure that could only benefit it.

If you would like to see Jacksonville State sports coverage on East Alabama Sports Today, a free website as viable as any other similar site in the state that has been credentialed to JSU events in the past, contact the school’s athletics department with your concerns.

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